A List of User Documentation

Access Keys
Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow the user to navigate around a website or a piece of computer software without having to use a mouse or other pointing device
An acronym is an abbreviation that is typically made up of the first letter or letters of a phrase. An acronym of 3 or more letters will be automatically linked only if a topic of that name already exists in the Web
Beginners Start Here
This is a short introductory training course for Foswiki beginners
Data Forms
Data forms allow you to add structured data to topics. The data stored in the form fields can be used to search and filter topics. The combination of structured data and search queries are the base for building database applications
FAQDelete Or Rename An Attachment
How to delete or rename a file attachment
FAQDelete Or Rename ATopic
How to delete or rename a topic
Document Graphics
This is a Foswiki icon library. The graphics can be used in topics and by web applications
FAQEdit Does Not Increase The Revision
Explanation why editing and saving a topic does not always increase the revision
Edit Table Plugin
Edit tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
File Attachment
Each topic can have one or more files of any type attached to it by using the Attach screen to upload (or download) files from your local PC.
File Attribute
Description of the hidden attribute for file attachments
Force New Revision
The "Force new revision" checkbox is a way to force a separate new revision when you save even if you make subsequent edits within a one hour period.
Formatted Search
Foswiki's inline search feature allows flexible formatting of search result. This is a key feature for most Foswiki applications
Format Tokens
Description of the format tokens such as $n, $quot, $percent etc used in Formatted Search and a few other macros.
Frequently Asked Questions
A list of frequently asked questions about the use of Foswiki
Glossary Of Terms
Definitions of common Foswiki terms like web, topic, data form, templates, macros, preferences etc
Go Box
Description of the box at the top or sidebar of each page, also called Jump box.
Good Style
List of hints and recommendations that are considered basic knowledge when starting to edit existing topics
Hidden Attachment
How to hide/unhide file attachments in normal topic view
Include Topics And Web Pages
Include Topics and Web Pages Using %INCLUDE{...}% Macro
Installed Plugins
List of the plugins currently installed and enabled in this Foswiki site. Users will find links to all the user documentation for each plugin
Interwiki Plugin
This plugin links ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in the Inter Wikis topic
Login Name
Explanation of the term login name
An explanation of the term Macro and a list of most the Macros defined on this Foswiki
Macros Quick Start
Short introduction to Macros
Main Features
A brief list of the main features of Foswiki with links how to learn more
Managing Topics
How to rename, move, copy, and delete individual topics
Managing Webs
An introduction to webs. Includes the tool for the administrator to add new webs
Preference Settings
Introduction to preference settings. Ie. Macros defined in topics that can be used site wide, per web or in a single topic
Query Search
Query searches help you search the contents of forms attached to your topics, as well as the values of other meta-data attached to the topic using simple query language
Quiet Save
Short explanation of the term Quiet Save
Reference Manual
Documentation for webmasters, system administrators, project managers, team leaders, and all other users of Foswiki
Regular Expression
A short introduction to regular expressions
Search Help
An introduction to searching
Search Pattern Cookbook
A cookbook with many examples how to use the powerful SEARCH feature in wiki applications. See examples of both regular expression searches, query searches, and the use of formatted output
Shortcut Macros
A list of macros that can be used as shortcuts for longer sequences of characters, to either save typing or to easily allow line breaks in format strings and the like
FAQSimultaneous Edits
Description of what happens if two users try to edit the same topic simultaneously
Smilies Plugin
Smilies are common in e-mail messages and bulletin board posts. They are used to convey an emotion, such as a smile :-) or a frown :-( . This plugin automatically converts certain smilies to a nice small icon. This topic lists the smilies supported
Spread Sheet Plugin
Foswiki Spreadsheet Plugin adds spreadsheet capabilities to Foswiki topics and many functions for manipulating numbers and text. See this topic for a full list of all the many functions in the CALC Macro
Table Plugin
Table plugin enables control of the formatting of table incl column widths, styles, sorting etc.
Text Formatting Rules
A complete table of all the text formatting rules
Time Specifications
Time formats recognised by Foswiki
Tiny MCEFrequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG editor
Tiny MCEPlugin
Description of the Tiny MCE Editor which is the WYSIWYG Editor of Foswiki
Topics And Webs
An introduction to topics and webs
Twenty Minute Tutorial
A compact, 20-minute primer
User Setting
How each user can alter settings that affect the use and looks of Foswiki
Users Guide
The main entry page for the basic user documentation
Using HTML
How to use HTML in topics
Web Left Bar Cookbook
Instructions and tips how to use personal left bars
Welcome Guest
A short introduction to a Foswiki based website
FAQWhat Is Wiki Wiki
An explanation of this WikiWiki thing
Wiki Culture
Wiki - culture, concepts and principles
Wiki Name
An introduction to the term Wiki Name
Wiki Syntax
Easy to learn rules for editing text
Wiki Word
Explanation of the term Wiki Word

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